Weight Loss

Hey y’all. This video is long over due for me. I wanted to share what I did to lose 150 lbs and kept if off over a year…or two. When I was pregnant I obviously gained weight for that LOL. But after giving birth I returned to my previous weight.

I use to consider myself a stress and emotional eater, anyone 100lbs overweight, can you relate? Now its hard to remember to eat if I’m worried about something LOL. I’ve tried almost every diet once. Low carb was my favorite because I was most successful on the Atkins diet. But after gaining the weight back a few years later and more. I had to do something that was permanent!! That’s when I learnt about weight loss surgery. The idea of the VSG was my favorite and made the most sense to me. If you are 70+ pounds over weight I highly recommend learning about this life changing procedure for yourself.

Best of luck in whatever you choose 😘

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