The Mom’s Guide to Ketosis, Keto Diet Food List & Ketogenic Diet: A Mom’s Guide Of How She Lost 50 Lbs Through Easy Keto Weight Loss

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Discover how working mom, Countess of Low Carb, went from dieting every. single. day. since she was 10 years old, WITH NO RESULTS, and feeling like she’d never lose “the freaking weight” TO… discovering “something” that FINALLY WORKED FOR HER to lose 50 lbs (without giving up her most favorite foods or forcing herself to push super hard at the gym). Her answers were found in ketosis from the keto diet, eating keto diet foods & a new way of life! This book is not meant for bodybuilders or athletes but meant for women and men who finally want to lose the weight. Learn: -As a beginner, what is ketosis? -How do I get into ketosis? -How can ketogenic diet help me? -What keto diet foods do I eat? -Figuring out your macros -What do I eat at restaurants? -My Starbucks! What do I drink at Starbucks?! -Recipes to cook I’m not a build builder, I’m not a high-level athlete. My two most important titles are being a great wife (most of the time – wink, wink) and mom to my 2-year-old. I also run several successful companies. The information included is what worked for me and I have seen it work for thousands of other women in the Countess of Low Carb coaching group. My view point is going to come from being a working mom and woman who wants to lose weight. My main message it to encourage what works best for YOUR body. All my suggestions may not work for you. Having lost 50 pounds with another 50 pounds to go, find what works for YOU. This book would not be a good fit for someone who needs to lose 5-10 pounds, body builder, high-level athlete or is in maintenance keto. This book is for a man or woman who needs to lose a good chunk of change in weight, who has tried many diets that didn’t work, who wants a loving environment, who is eager to learn more about keto and is sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired.

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