The Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet Cookbook: Insanely Delicious & Easy Ketogenic Diet VegetInsanely Delicious & Easy Ketogenic Diet Vegetarian Recipes for Health & Weight Loss

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Thousands of vegetarian cookbooks exist, but if you’re also grain free, finding recipes that don’t include bread, beans or other grains and legumes can be a frustrating endeavor. And although you’ve most likely heard all about Keto diet, if you’re a certified veg, you’ve probably let its meat-heavy hype pass you by. But is there a way to experience the health benefits of Keto diet, without the meat? As you read through this book, you will learn that these two popular eating lifestyles, Keto diet and Vegetarianism, can and should co-exist harmoniously to give a proposed better alternative than practicing keto or vegetarianism alone. Discover the simple, easy and clean recipes in Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet Cookbook and learn how to cook your way to a healthier life through the ketogenic diet—feeling full and satisfied all the meanwhile!

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