the hCG Diet Plan, Does It Work, What Are the Basics – Part 1

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I started this hCG diet journey with hCG injections at 172 pounds, 34.5% body fat and a size 16/18. I’m now a size 2/4 and 125 lbs or so. I’ve been cycling crossfit with the hCG diet to achieve the best body composition for myself. In 9 months of attending crossfit I have gained 12 lbs of muscle (proof by hydrostatic body fat testing). Through the hCG diet I have lost almost 40 lbs of actual fat (not just water weight or muscle)- again, proof by hydrostatic body fat testing and DEXA scan. My hydrostatic bodyfat percent started at 34.5% and I am currently 17.9% bodyfat. All fat loss was achieved with the hCG diet, scouts honor!

This video is a basic summary of what the hcg diet plan/protocol is, how I personally know and have proof that hCG works, and how to go about doing the hCG Diet. Dr. Simeons was the original creator of the hCG diet, when he discovered several decades ago that the hCG hormone could bring a great amount of fat loss in a very short period of time when combined with a VLCD (very low calorie diet), all while sparing much lean muscle tissue.

What is the HCG Diet, Does the HCG Diet Work?, What Are the Basics? – Part 1 of 2

What is the HCG Diet?

hCG Stands for human Chorionic Gonadtropin (say that 3x’s fast). It’s a hormone that a woman’s body produces in great abundance when she is pregnant, but a lesser known fact is that everyone, male and female (more on this here as well) produce the hCG hormone from their pituitary gland in minute amounts as well.

In the 1950’s Dr. Simeons, an endocrinologist as well as doctor, discovered that injecting tiny amounts of the hCG hormone into patients, combined with a very low calorie diet with a specific food list, caused a great amount of not just weight loss but FAT loss and re-set the body’s hypothalamus (very interesting article and study done on the hypothalamus here) causing the body to maintain the lost weight very effectively. Read the rest of the article here:


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