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Half My Size in 17 Months Low Carb (Lost 142 Pounds!) Plus Food Haul

So.. finally after having a stall in January from STRESS I have hit my goal of half my original weight. From October 2016 to March 2018! Everyday less than 20 net carbs, no restaurant food…

Is the Atkins diet heathy…or dangerous?

Atkins – good or bad? 9/18/11 – I’m disabling all comments because the comments have become nothing but an Internet Ignorance Aggregator. People need to stop getting their diet information from TV. source

Eggs with cauliflower and environmentally friendly leaves | Keto diet program | small carb lifestyle

follow me on facebook: And also on instagram: —————————————————————————- Diet summary in this meal: one. Four large eggs ( body fat:19gms, carb:one.5gms, protein:25gms) Calorie breakdown: sixty one% body fat, two% carbs, 37% protein two.cauliflower apporx150…