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Keto Dinner | Keto “Ice Cream” Heavy Whipping Cream Dessert |Only 5g. Carbs |5g. Fat/Serving| LCHF

First, our lettuce-wrap, SERIOUSLY satisfying & delicious dinner is shown. It may have a bad “wrap” because it is only lettuce, but these are, “oh, so good”! Try it with any protein & these condiments:…

Keto egg breakfast burrito (No carbs)

The whole thing relies on getting the cheese tortilla right. this has no carbs other then what you add to it the cheese tortilla woks well for tacos as well. source

LowCarb Breckenridge 2018

This year I decided to attend the Low Carb Breckenridge conference. My mission is to learn, make acquaintances, tell my story, and have some fun. This vlog covers the first couple days. source

Episode 24 – Adding to a Low Carb Diet – Metabolic Coaching Radio

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Ronald Krauss, MD, on reversing diabetes with Virta’s low carb diet

Ronald Krauss, MD, of Children’s Hospital, Oakland, on the promise of reversing type 2 diabetes through a low carbohydrate (ketogenic) diet, with Virta. (00:21)”The good thing about it is it really makes sense from the…