Simple Girl Sugar Free BBQ and Hot Sauce (2 Pack)(low Carb, Gluten Free, Diet Friendly)

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This duo will save you money and give you a lot of flavor! BBQ Sauce Product Features: Have you been looking for a tasty low calorie BBQ sauce or a stevia sweetened BBQ sauce? It’s HERE! This healthy BBQ sauce is gluten free, contains zero fat, zero preservatives, zero sugars, and no artificial sweeteners. This BBQ sauce is made with stevia, the SweetLeaf® brand. Simple Girl Fat Free BBQ Sauce is perfect to use as a low calorie marinade, a healthy cooking sauce, or for a fat free dipping sauce for all your favorite health foods. This gluten free BBQ sauce adds a perfect sweet, smoky flavoring to your favorite diet meals such as high protein burgers or chicken. This BBQ sauce health product contains no sugars, which makes it perfect for low-sugar diets or diabetic diets. Hot Sauce Product Features: Simple Girl Hot Sauce is gluten free, fat free, calorie free, preservative free, and contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. This product is sweetened exclusively with SweetLeaf® brand stevia. There are absolutely no sugars and no fats or oils in this healthy hot sauce. Yes, there is 1 carb per serving, but this comes from spices and vinegar used to make this amazing healthy hot sauce. With these nutritional facts, these sauces are allowed on most diet plans including Nutrimost, Dr. Simeons Protocol, Shape Reclaimed, Prolean Wellness, Ideal Protein, Weight Watchers, the Atkins Diet and more!Sugar Free, Fat Free, Vegan and No MSG
Gluten Free, Low Carb
Allowed on most diets incl Nutrimost, Shape Reclaimed,
Dr. Simeons Protocol, Prolean Wellness and Ideal Protein
No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors

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