ProTherapies High Protein Wafer Bars 15g – Low Carb Chocolate Wafer Bar for Healthy Diets, 5 Count

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Premium Protein Bars:

Our premium protein wafers are great tasting snack bars, packed with healthy protein and minerals. A great source of fiber
and its loaded with essential revitalizing energy. Infused with wholesome nutrition, this dietary supplement promotes natural
weight loss and may improve cholesterol levels. Perfect for snacking between meals!

About our Bars:

✅ FLAVOR: Chocolate
✅ ON THE GO SNACK – Thin, pocket sized delights offering great portability, so you can enjoy healthy, all day snacking
✅ LOW CALORIES – A tasty snack that keeps you filled up, and nourished with healthy carbs
✅ NO TRANS FAT – This indulgent snack supports healthy cholesterol levels in the body
✅ TOPPER – Our light, crisp, sweet cookies are perfect for decorating and topping ice cream sundaes and making an
       assortment of delicious treats
✅ TASTY FLAVORS – Our layered cookies are available in an assortment of delicious flavors, vanilla, mocha, raspberry,
       chocolate and lemon
✅ PERFORMANCE – Improves athletic performance and boosts stamina levels so you can bring on your “A” game
✅ STAY FILLED UP LONGER – High in protein, and pairs very well with most weight loss regiments
✅ INCREASED ENERGY – Protein is essential for sustaining energy to keep you going all day long.

How you feed and nourish your body can make a huge difference. If you are a body builder, looking to improve your
athletic performance, trying to lose some extra pounds, or just into treating your body good, these yummy bars are a
great way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. They make absolutely wonderful ice-cream toppers, with an assortment of mouth
watering flavors to choose fromHIGH PROTEIN WAFER BARS – Enjoy healthy all day snaking with 15 grams of essential protein, contains no unhealthy trans-fats, and perfect for portion control. Serving size 2 wafers
HEALTHY DIETING MEAL REPLACEMENT – Perfect for weight watchers, a great in between meals snack that supports lean muscle growth while alleviating food cravings
NUTRITION ON THE GO – These high energy mini snacks are only 200 calories per serving. Lightly sweetened, and packed with wholesome nutrition that keeps you going all day
TASTY SNACK TOPPER – Our light, crisp, oven baked protein wafers are great for decorating and topping ice cream sundaes, or garnishing your favorite sweet dishes. Available in an assortment of flavors, chocolate, lemon, mocha, raspberry and vanilla
REVITALIZING ENERGY BARS – Fuel your body the right way. Infused with nourishment, these individually wrapped mini treats are fortified with vitalizing ingredients the whole family can enjoy

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