Pigs in a blanket Sausage Low Carb 4.38g Carbs Hot Dog 4.05g

Here is where you can find the Almond Bun recipe.
Carb Breakdown
2 3/4 Tablespoon Almond mix Per Pig = 2.55,g or 1.31g net carbs
1/4 cup Sauerkraut 1.5g Carbs
Brown Spicy Mustard 0.0g carbs
1/3 oz cheese 0.33g
1 Tbsp.Classico Pizza Sauce 1.5g Carbs or 1.25g net carbs
Hot Dog Pig = 4.05g carbs or 2.81g net carbs
Sausage Pig = 4.38g Carbs or 2.89g net carbs


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