Phase 3 – hCG Diet – the BEST Way

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What IS It About P3 That Feels So Scary?

Because Phase 2 is a more controlled environment it often feels reassuring. Phase 3 is different- you often don’t feel assured of anything. You’re desired outcome is to maintain your weight but the basic “rule” for supposedly achieving this feels pretty vague. This post is all about examining how you can do P3 in the most detailed way possible to make stabilizing your weight a sure thing. Or that’s what we hope anyway!

Just a warning. Doing Phase 3 this particular “BEST” way requires that you be pretty mature when it comes to how you handle eating and food because you are needing to be extremely cautious in multiple areas. If you are not there yet (I wasn’t), then please read my Phase 3 Primer – the Do-Able Way – 4 Basic Rules… continue reading this article go here:


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