Paleo Diet Cookbook: Julia’s Best 60 Recipes To Maximize Weight Loss + 30 Day Meal Plan

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Would You Like To Lose Fat FAST, While Eating DELICIOUS Meals Along The Way? Meet Julia Stewart And Learn To Diet While Actually Enjoying The Process!

One of the main characteristics of the pre-modern environment in which we were programmed to survive suffered from the limitation of inconsistent food supply. As a result, our bodies learnt to store fat for the simple reason that procuring food in the ancient times was not as easy as going to the shopping mall. Stored fat acted as food reserves that are used by the body to generate energy in times when the supply of food is not present. This is also the reason why we are programmed to show higher affinity to sugar and calorie-rich diets, which is just another way in which the body prepares for bad times ahead. It would not be wrong to state that this is our body’s survival mechanism.

With that said, our food environment has changed over time and we are dealing with overabundance instead of scarcity. Another important thing to understand is that the foods that we are accustomed to consuming in the modern times are low on nutrition and high on calories. Thus, although, we are gaining weight, we are still malnourished. The motivation behind Paleo diet is that it recreates the food environment that we were created for and our bodies get to function normally.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll See Inside . . .

  • Basics Of Paleo Diet
  • How to get Started
  • 60 Delicious Recipes
  • 30 Day Meal plan to get you started!

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