New Era Healthy Eating Cookbook: Recipes when you want healthy but LOVE food.

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The Problem with Diets—and a Solution.

Free yourself from calorie and carb counting. Eat sensibly, but without obsessing over forbidden food. This book is not just about eating better, but also serves as a path to self-expression and entertainment. It is beyond the “food-is-fuel” concept of deprivation and rigid meal plans. The recipes here will please the palate and soul, as well as nourish and inform. While not espousing any one “diet,” you are enticed by tasty transitions containing fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, with moderate amounts of animal-sourced proteins and healthy fats. Not only are the recipes low-carbohydrate, ketogenic and paleo friendly, they are suitable for those seeking to reduce sugar, grain and nut consumption.

Budding cook and seasoned veteran alike will learn how to:

  • Create practical yet innovative dishes with whole foods found in most grocery stores.
  • Choose the best ingredients.
  • Distinguish marketing hype from reality.
  • Decipher confusing food labeling terms.
  • Identify humanely raised and agriculturally sustainable ingredients.
  • Discover a lifelong way of eating and prevent disease from beginning in the first place.
  • Cook with fresh color and flavor pairings to bridge the gap between nutritious and epicurean.
  • Revamp your food choices, lose weight, improve your health, and heal your body.

Perhaps you have hit the low-carb or paleo wall or maybe you just want to eat healthier without a weight-reduction plan? Inside are seemingly indulgent options you can enjoy guilt-free. Your guide is complete with hints, workarounds for special dietary needs, a how-to section, and a comprehensive ingredients review.

Now is the time to act. Increasing numbers of people, some younger than ever before, are encountering health problems induced by environmental toxins, unhealthy fats, excessive carbohydrate and protein consumption. Maybe soon you will be one of them. Or perhaps, you will be the person who gets away with bad eating habits for decades and from out of the blue, slammed with disease at age fifty. Will you take that chance with yours or your loved one’s health – or take control of your happiness now?

Don’t decide between pleasure or health.

Choose both and buy New Era Healthy Eating Cookbook today!

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