Naturade: HERBAL COUGH/COLD Saline and Aloe Nasal Spray, 1.5 oz

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Naturade® Nasal Spray soothes and moisturizes for instant relief. The distinct, natural formula includes soothing aloe and balancing sea salt for prompt relief of dry, irritated nasal membranes due to congestion, low humidity and environmental irritants. The gentle, alcohol-free formula loosens and promotes the elimination of mucus with the help of natural herbal extracts including slippery elm, marshmallow and fenugreek. Non-medicating, Naturade® Nasal Spray is safe for the whole family, including infants.  Fast, soothing relief you can feel from illness, congestion and environmental irritants.*Naturade Nasal Spray Saline and Aloe – 1.5 fl oz – Pack of 4

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