Mediterranean Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Low Carb High Fat Keto Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Lose Excess Weight Permanently, Make Your Feel Younger, and Live a Happy Healthy Life

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Are you in or interested in Ketogenic Diet or Mediterranean Diet?

Do you want to lose your excess weight, regain confidence and have a happy life?

How about combine the Keto Diet with the Mediterranean Diet to get the most use of them, meantime have your favorite easy dishes?

If yes of any questions above, then please keep on reading! You will find your wanted answers! This book combines Mediterranean Diet with Ketogenic Diet, which will tell you all essentials about them, and you will know what the difference and similarity they have and how can they be combined. Many useful tips have been provided in the book, such as: tips and tricks about how to follow this diet, what foods to eat or avoid and some tips for eating out, etc. This book will 100% lead you to reach your weight loss goal, prevent disease and have a healthy living!

If you have already followed a Ketogenic Diet or a Mediterranean Diet before, you may know that most of the foods they allow followers to eat are same. That is the most important reason why these 2 diets could be combined.

But dear friend! You have already in the right spot! This Mediterranean Keto cookbook provides readers with many mouth-watering but easy-to-prepare recipes made by crock-pot slow cooker, which all are in detailed and show you step-by-step procedure. With these dishes, your diet journey will be succeed easily!

All the recipes in this book are clear and easy to follow. The title is descriptive and indicates the main products used in a dish. The subtitle gives information on how many servings you can expect out of the recipe and gives the approximate preparation time and cooking time. The List of Ingredients is made by the order of use of each item and the Directions are given by the order of the individual steps. At the end, you will find some serving suggestions, like an accompanying salad or drink or a side dish. All the recipes can be divided easily or multiplied, and the great majority of them freeze well.

In the nutrition values, C for Carbohydrate, P for Protein, F for Fat.

If you really want an effective and actionable solution to your overweight problem, and to change to a totally healthy living, then you should consider this Mediterranean Ketogenic diet program, which will really change your whole life overwhelmingly!

Grab this book to get started now! Wish you a pleasant diet journey!

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