Medical Weight Loss with HCG & Lipo-Light – Testimonial – Superior Healthcare

Superior Healthcare is the leading provider of medical weight loss programs throughout the north Georgia area, including Woodstock, Canton, Acworth, Kennesaw, and neighboring cities.

Whether you want to lose a few inches of fat or lose a few pounds, Superior Healthcare will guide you in your journey to reach your weight loss goals.

We understand that obesity is a significant factor in poor health in Georgia and across the country. The team at Superior Healthcare are pioneers in offering innovative programs for medical weight loss in Canton and Woodstock like our cutting edge HCG Diet program. We’ve developed a proven program to help you lose weight quickly, effectively, and safely. But we don’t stop at helping you lose weight, we help you keep it off with coaching and education to help you reach your goals and improve your life for good.

As medical professionals, we know that good nutrition and exercise are vital to weight loss, but our medical weight loss programs help to give you that little nudge and extra motivation to get you started on a solid program with fast results.

Our health coach meets with you weekly to go over how to eat clean on the program and review the clients hydration and food journal at each weeks visit.

Dealing with the mental aspect of weight loss is very important. Our coaches biggest strength is to discuss where you need help mentally with your lifestyle change. This provides you with an accountability partner and outside support system while you go through your program. It also helps prepare you for the last phase of moving into an exercise program to make your weight loss a permanent change.

Every weight loss plan offered at Superior Healthcare begins with a thorough evaluation. including a session with our professionals who will discuss your habits and your goals and develop a nutrition plan to based on your specific goals. We offer ongoing coaching and periodic assessments to help keep you on track to help you meet your goals and keep the weight off.


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