Medical Weight Loss Clinic – Father and Son lose weight together


Pita, hummus, lettuce and chicken, 12-year-old Detroiter Chris Chunn has come a long way.

“One summer, I just found some new foods and liked them,” he said. “I kept eating them, and I got heavy.”

The weight crept on, and the kids got cruel.

“They would call me fat. They would make fun of me,” said Chris Chunn. “When people would get in a fight, they’d say, ‘Oh, leave him alone or he’ll sit on you.'”

“You’re always an easy target when you’re a heavy child,” said Al Chunn.

For dad, it was particularly painful to see his son suffer the same taunting he had endured decades earlier.

“I want to take a proactive approach as opposed to my parents, (who) would just shove more food in front of me,” he said.

That’s how they both ended up at Medical Weight Loss Center. Chris got in on a free, eight week Pro-Teen Plan in September. They learned about making smart choices, eating smaller portions, and together they make a good team.

“That buddy system we find works really well not only for kids, but for us as adults. If you’ve got somebody to do it with you and (cheer) you on or say … you shouldn’t have that or maybe you’ve made the wrong choice or let’s make better choices, it makes it a lot easier,” said Alberta Lipinski, R.N. with Medical Weight Loss Center.

“I have three or four waters instead of like two or three cans of pop every day. I haven’t had potato chips in a long time,” said Chris Chunn.

Chris is down 16 pounds. Dad has dropped more than 40.

“We don’t have a salt shaker in the house like we used to have. We don’t hour twelve packs of pop in the refrigerator like we used to have,” said Al Chunn.

Meanwhile, Chris says this is going to be a lifelong change.

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