Low Sugar Diet: A Low Carb Sugar Free Cookbook and Diet Plan. Discover How to Quit Sugar and Which Foods to Avoid (No Sugar Diet: A Complete No Sugar Diet … Recipes & How to Quit Sugar Cravings 3)

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Low Sugar Diet by Peggy Annear:
This sugar free cookbook and low sugar diet plan will give you the tools you need to take control of your sugar intake. You will learn how to make informed decisions about the foods you eat. For anyone living with diabetes or other sugar related allergies, this book will help you understand why certain foods are a problem, which ones to eat and which ones to avoid. We’ll look at high and low sugar fruits and vegetables too. Your body will love you for it!

The 40 low sugar recipes have a picture of the finished meal and all are in metric and imperial measurements making them user friendly and easy to follow.

By eating more natural foods high in nutrition and removing sugary foods it will be possible to cut the cravings and feel satisfied. By learning how to identify where the hidden sugars are it will be easier to quit sugar and change your eating habits for the better. Some natural foods need to be eaten in moderation, so we’ll take a complete overall look at how to read the nutritional facts on food labels and discover what levels of sugars and carbohydrates are in your everyday diet. Carbs and sugars are linked, so this is not only a low sugar diet plan but also a low carb diet plan.

My other “No Sugar Diet” book is for people wanting to go through the initial sugar detox phase, whereas this book is ideal after detox for maintenance over the sustainable longer term on a low sugar diet. The aim is to reduce and balance blood sugar levels.

Here is a glimpse of what you will find inside Low Sugar Diet:

•Our Sugar Addiction
•How Much Sugar?
•Foods to Eat
•Foods to Avoid
•Low Sugar Fruits & Vegetables
•The Sugar Smart Plan
•Quit Sugar & Beat Cravings
•The Low Sugar Myth
•Sugar and Carb Food Counter
•40 Low Sugar Recipes

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