low-carb vegan: 55 delicious and easy recipes+15 day meal plan (low carb vegan diet,Low cholesterol diet ,Sugar-Free diet,Kosher,low fat diet,vegetarian,Gluten-Free diet)

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Weight loss, in the context of medicine, is a reduction of body mass. Behind this simple sentence lies a range of complex measures and steps. Losing weight is a complex problem and as such requires detailed and organized approach. Overweight people tend to have numerous health issues followed by the low self-esteem. The first step in losing weight is accepting your state. You need to admit you are overweight and admit you have an issue. It is sometimes difficult to be harsh to yourself, but with this self-conscience approach, you are one-step closer reaching your final goal, and that is losing weight. However, when many of us try to drop a few pounds we go about it in the completely wrong way. Losing pounds does not mean starvation, but instead a healthy and balanced diet. We know there are many diets promising instant results, but they only may work for short term and sometimes can endanger our health. Such diets should be avoided because they will do more harm than good, if good at all. So what is the final solution? The final solution, as mentioned lies in healthy and balanced diet. The low-carb diet is not a new term and according to many studies can help with the weight loss. Conventional low-carb relies heavily on meat, which makes this diet inappropriate for the vegans. Conventional low-carb diet shows amazing results it still needs to be improved. While low-carb diet protects you from the bad carbs, all the red meat you intake will not do you good. Latest researches have shown that diet rich in animal protein can cause health issues, like the colon cancer. Besides, red meat can cause other health issues including bad digestion and the heart health benefits of going meat-free have been shown many times before. Classic vegan diet relies on vegetables, fruits, nuts and plant-based protein sources like the tofu and is even proven that vegan diet can protect from the obesity and type 2 diabetes. Low-carb vegan diet combines both from the two worlds: a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and plant-based protein sources. This diet offers many health benefits beyond weight loss and includes: – lowered insulin resistance – Lowered triglycerides – And lowered cholesterol This cookbook is for those who are trying to gain a slimmer figure and lose weight in a completely safe and natural way. By following the balanced Vegan and Low-Carb diet, you will be able to look and feel better.Low Carb Vegan 55 Delicious and Easy Recipes 15 Day Meal Plan Low Carb Vegan Diet Low Cholesterol Diet Sugar Free Diet Kosher Lo

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