Low Carb: Slow Cooker Healthy: 50 Recipes Under 500 Calories for Healthy Eating,: Inside are 50 low calorie, low fat, low carb and high protein slow … Protein Diet, Weight Loss Books) (Volume 1)

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The low carb slow cooker cookbook is a great addition to anybody’s kitchen, inside are 50 delicious recipes under 500 calories, to boost energy levels and assist in weight loss. From yummy desserts to side dishes, from tasty sauces to lip-smacking main courses, these 50 recipes will provide you with plenty of options to choose from for the entire year. The slow cooker will provide you with mouthwatering, healthy, hearty and convenient foods ceaselessly. Be it holidays or just regular meals, a party or your weight loss regime, the amazing slow cooker recipes are just right for the entire family having diverse likes and preferences. So enjoy a recipe each day with your slow cooker and start a whole new life where you can enjoy both great health and taste. Unlike general perception a weight loss plan does not have to include predominantly tasteless and bland low calories foods. You can opt for delicious recipes that’ll satisfy your taste buds and appetite giving you the feeling of fullness without gaining weight. Weight loss isn’t about starving yourself, it’s about choosing low calorie foods and opting for healthier recipes. It’s about changing your behavior and living a much healthier lifestyle. Never take the starving route because one it doesn’t work and two you can end up muscle wasting, because when your body starves itself it breaks down protein in the muscles for energy first, not fat. Plus, in other cases people end up eating more when trying to starve themselves which contradicts the whole process. Love for food is something natural and you don’t have to snub your natural desires. There is no need to give up chocolate or other high calorie foods that you may love, all you need to do is limit your intake. Having a burger or pizza once in a while isn’t going to affect your weight loss goals, but if you make junk or fatty foods a part of your regular diet, you’re going to go off track. If you’re looking to lose or maintain weight then these 50 recipes will see you through the year, they’re exciting, delicious and they’ll keep you and your family satisfied. All you need for these cooking methods is a simple slow cooker. Dieting can be so boring with dull flavors, but each recipe is bursting with flavor to kill your sweet and savory tooth cravings, this for sure will keep you on track of your fat loss goals and healthy lifestyle maintenance.

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