Low Carb: 33 Quick and Simple Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Recipes for Beginners (Low Carb Diet Cookbook, High Protein, High Fat Recipes)

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Low Carb 33 Quick and Simple Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Recipes for Beginners

Are you juggling your work, kids, the house, and life? Does staying healthy and fit, or doing a gym workout, seem like one more chore? I’m sure you know maintaining an ideal weight is important for feeling great and enjoying life to its fullest. Because if you aren’t healthy, you can’t enjoy everything life has to offer.

Carbs and fats are the sources of energy in our body. Like a car burns gas, carbs are our fuel. But too much of a good thing will get added to your waistline. This additional weight, as you well know, makes you vulnerable to toxin build-up, cancer, type 2 diabetes and many other lethal diseases.

Ever tried going to the gym, or getting into a daily workout routing, only to slip back into the daily grind of your other more pressing tasks? It happens to us all. Don’t get me wrong: physical activity is important

But here’s the great weight-loss secret that will super-charge your weight-loss play: just drop the carbs.

The principle is simple: forget about carbohydrates. You’ll even be able to eat more healthy fats and protein, which, unlike your mother has said, actually don’t make you fat.

Lose weight deliciously with the low carb diet recipes in this e-book! You’ll get 33 mouthwatering recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bonus recipes include original, tasty appetizers that’ll make your cooking a hit at the next potluck.

In this low-carb cookbook, you’ll find:

  • Why you Need a Low Carb Diet
  • Examples of Low Carb foods
  • The Benefits of a Low Carb Diet
  • 10 breakfast recipes
  • 10 Lunch recipes
  • 13 Dinner recipes

There are also 5 bonus recipes in the book, for a total of 38 recipes. Recipes are comprehensive: ingredients with measurements, prep time, servings, and the most important, nutritional value, so you can actually gauge whether you’re achieving a balanced diet and track your carb-count.

You’ll never miss those carbs.

So you can go carb-free, all day long, and shed weight quickly and painlessly, even with a hectic lifestyle.

Invest in your health. Start today!

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Low Carb 33 Quick and Simple Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Recipes for Beginners

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