Ketosis & the hCG Diet

What is ketosis and how does it factor in to weight loss? Diet Doc’s Medical Director, Dr. Rao, answers questions about ketosis, ketogenic diets, and the hCG diet.

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Video Transcript:

Hello everyone, this is Dr. Rao, Medical Director for Diet Doc. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about ketosis.

The hCG diet is actually a ketogenic diet. A lot of people know this – they’re using the urine ketone strips – and sometimes we forget that there’s a lot of things that come along with ketosis that are sometimes brushed aside with the hCG diet. So we’ll talk about that today.

The first thing – most important thing – is ketogenic diets’ first week, first couple of weeks, your electrolytes can drop very quickly. Some people experience that as headaches, or sometimes, at the most, muscle cramping. We usually recommend electrolytes – Diet Doc has an electrolyte powder that people can use, you can get tablets from a pharmacy (sodium, magnesium, potassium should be in there, and sugar) – and that will generally prevent headaches, muscle cramping in the first few weeks. A lot of people think it’s withdrawal or sugars, but it’s usually this ketogenic adaptation. So that’s the first thing, electrolytes.

The other thing is when you transition into ketosis the first week, a lot of people talk about water loss. What’s happening is your body’s glycogen stores (which is a type of stored carbohydrates in your muscle and your liver), your body uses that up first, since there’s no carbs coming in from the diet, or very little. And as you use up the glycogen, it’s stored with water, and you release that water as well. That can account for a few pounds, depending on the size of the individual, 2-5 pounds maybe, in the first three days, and then that stops – that doesn’t continue. So water loss doesn’t continue ongoing in ketosis, other than for the first few days. If anything, because of the electrolyte issue, dehydration is really common. A lot of people focus on the water intake – that’s important, but drinking more water doesn’t cause fat loss. It’s important for a a lot of reasons, but it doesn’t cause fat loss.

So those are a couple of things with ketosis. I have the electrolyte powder that Diet Doc has, and it’s a lemon lime – you can add it to your water. Magnesium, sodium, potassium are the main three things in there.

Next time we’ll talk about some more questions about the diet, and some tips that you can do to be more successful. Thanks.

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