Ketogenic Instant Pot Cookbook: 200 Low Carb High-Fat Keto Recipes that Cook Themselves

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***GET THE KINDLE VERSION FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE PAPERBACK!*** “Delicious Ketogenic Dishes have never been this Quick and Easy!” -Dr Mercalo Alternative Medicine proponent and Best Selling Author
Delicious Ketogenic meals in under 20 minutes- just set it and forget it.

Join the Ketogenic Instant Pot Revolution…

The Ketogenic Diet has revolutionized weight loss. After centuries of unhealthy fad diets and restrictive low-calorie diets that only deprive the body and lead to water and muscle loss, we have finally found the key to successful weight loss.

With over 500 easy-to-follow Ketogenic Instant Pot recipes and a full cooking time guide, this is the only cookbook you will ever need on the subject!

This cookbook tells you how to unlock the full potential of your Instant Pot with pages of delicious recipes from all over the world—France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Korea. All recipes stay within the macro ratios of the ketogenic diet and focus on low insulin index-low vegetables, meats, and healthy fats.

The Ketogenic Instant Pot offers:

  • Over 500 delicious recipes for every occasion
  • Intuitive categorization for easy browsing
  • Accurate Macronutrient chart of allowed foods
  • Practical tools and guidelines to make your high-fat life a breeze

Sneak Preview of a few recipes:

  • Cauliflower-Crusted Sausage and Avocado Breakfast Pizza
  • Poached Eggs with Tomatoes
  • Ham and Dill Pressure-Cooked Eggs
  • Crustless Meat-Loaded Quiche
  • Poppy Seed Lemony Muffins
  • Breakfast Caulicheese
  • Tarragon Chicken with Mushrooms
  • Marinara and Cheese Stewed Chicken
  • Italian Duck with Spinach
  • Lime and Salsa Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
  • Cheesy QuesadillasClams in a White Wine Sauce
  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Mediterranean Salmon
  • Almond and Dijon Tilapia

Be sure to click the cover and take a look at the smorgasbord of chef-created recipes here.

The Ketogenic Instant Pot will help you achieve lasting weight loss, reverse insulin resistance, and avoid a lifetime of deadly diseases like obesity, metabolic resistance, and heart disease. You’ll have more energy and cognitive power than you’ve ever experienced, all without feeling deprived.

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