KETOGENIC DIET: Desserts: Quick and Easy Low Carb Keto Diet Dessert Recipes

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a sweet tooth? Embrace the sweeter side of the ketogenic diet lifestyle with quick and easy low carb recipes that are not only delicious but also great for your waistline!

We all know that the key to staying on track for any diet is keeping it simple, and also keeping it realistic. When you feel deprived in any way, you are more likely to stray off of your intended nutritional path. One of the main culprits of diet sabotage is without question dessert.

Who wants to live a life devoid of a little sweetness? You might have chosen the ketogenic lifestyle because a doctor or nutritionist recommended it to you because of a preexisting condition or dietary needs. Maybe you are a devout low carb eater and prefer the ketogenic ratios, or perhaps low carb, ketogenic eating is entirely new to you but you are loving the results and want to make it a long-term commitment. It really doesn’t matter how or why you came to the keto diet, the desserts in this book are suitable for you no matter what your keto beginnings.

So, take the recipes in this book and embrace the sweeter side of the ketogenic life.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • An introduction to the ketogenic desserts, including the haves and have nots.
  • Fruity and Decadent recipes like the Blackberry Pavlovas and the Orange Vanilla Soufflés
  • Delicious Cookie and Bar recipes like the 5 Layer Cashew Bars and the Chocolate Maple Bacon Cookies
  • Dessert Bomb recipes such as the Mexican Hot Chocolate Bombs and the Lemon Lime Bombs
  • Ketolicious Mug Cake recipes like the Spiced Mug Cake and the Ultimate Cocoa Mug Cake
  • Elegant Pie recipes like the Coconut Chocolate Layered Pie and the Spiced Ricotta Pie
  • Rich and Silky Ice Cream recipes like the Pumpkin Butter Pecan Ice Cream and the Sweet Raspberries and Cream Ice Cream

Let’s start cooking healthy meals today! Scroll back up and order your copy today!

Ketogenic Diet Desserts Quick and Easy Low Carb Keto Diet Dessert Recipes

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