Keto Summer Cookbook: 75 Low Carb Recipes Inspired by the Flavors of the Mediterranean

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Do you find yourself wondering what to eat at summer barbecues, picnics and parties? Would you like to find keto-friendly dishes that you can happily take along and share or just enjoy in the sunshine every day? 

Let bestselling keto author, Elizabeth Jane, guide you on how to adapt your keto diet to fill it with the flavors of summer and create light but satisfying meals that are both portable and perfect for days spent being active in the sun and heat.

Summer Keto Cookbook includes:

  • A variety of keto dishes with Mediterranean flavors, inspired by the cuisines of those in Greece, Italy, Spain and southern France.
  • Low carb recipes for every occasions from appetisers and salads that are perfect for picnics to meat and seafood recipes that are ideal for barbecues.
  • A range of dietary requirements covered from dairy-free to gluten-free to paleo and vegetarian – and all keto-friendly!
  • Full nutritional information, making it easier to manage your diet
  • A user-friendly cookbook with colorful illustrations and photos
  • And much, much more!

Summer Keto Cookbook is the 11th book in Elizabeth Jane’s hugely successful keto and low carb series.

If you are looking for a way to stay true to the keto diet while surrounded by the high-carb temptations of summer socialising, Elizabeth Jane’s Summer Keto Cookbook has all the answers you have been looking for.

Buy the Summer Keto Cookbook today and enjoy a lighter, fresher approach to your keto diet!

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