Keto in Five: 50+ Low-Carb High-Fat Ketogenic Recipes, 5 Ingredients & 5 Easy Steps for Every Recipe

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Keto in Five – Keto Has Never Been This Easy or This Delicious!

Keto in Five is exactly the cookbook that you need to finally take control of yourself through the incredible power of the ketogenic diet. Featuring more than 50 low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic recipes, this is the only guide that you need, whether you are just starting on the ketogenic diet or looking to expand your horizons. The formula for the cookbook is simple: each recipe requires just five ingredients and follows just five easy steps. This makes ketogenic cooking (and thus eating!) more within your reach than it has ever been.

 You have probably heard people talk about the ketogenic diet. Maybe you have done some research into it, or maybe you are well on your way to incorporating it into your life. Whatever stage you are in, Keto in Five is your companion going forward, turning you into a veritable keto master, someone who can whip up delicious and exciting meals that stick to ketogenic restrictions. You know the mantra – low-carb, high-fat – and now you can remain faithful to it while still enjoying all your meals.

Keto in Five: this is keto done enticingly! Become the chef that you have always dreamed of becoming, five steps at a time.

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