Keto fat bombs: 50 recipes that help you enjoy sweet and savory snacks without breaking a Keto/Low carb diet

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Have you always wanted to treat yourself to sweet or savory dishes, but had to miss out because of the diet restrictions? Are you tired of a limited choice of eating options? With the recipes in this book you will no longer have to break your Keto/Low Carb diet to satisfy your cravings. You can eat your sweets and stay ketogenic too!

So what are “fat bombs” exactly? Fat bombs are snacks or meal replacements made out of ketogenic diet friendly ingredients. Whether they are sweet or savory, these snacks are high in fat with low protein and sugar content. As a result, your body is driven to burn more fats for fuel helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

In “Keto fat bombs: 50 recipes…” you’ll discover:

  • Delicious versions of desserts that still stick to all the keto diet rules (Chocolate lava cake, Vanilla Cheesecake, gingerbread cookie, and more)
  • 30 sweet and 20 savory keto fat bomb recipes consisting of everyday inexpensive ingredients
  • Necessary information about keto diet and keto fat bombs
  • The ingredient that has been found to provide the body with ketones giving you an instant boost of energy (used in 15 recipes)
  • Detailed cooking instructions with substitution tips for those who would prefer to modify the recipe to their own taste
  • A keto fat bomb for lactose intolerant people
  • A handy conversion chart to convert your recipe measurements as needed

    Due to healthy fats and organic ingredients like nuts or seeds keto fat bombs fit perfectly into Ketogenic, Low carb, and Paleo diets. They are also a great alternative to sugary treats and can help you increase your energy levels.

    So if you want to stay keto AND enjoy sweet and savory snacks click “Buy now with 1-Click®”

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