Intermittent Fasting: A Nutritionist Guide to Weight Loss, Healthier and Longer Life.

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From a Nutritionist perspective comes the guide that reveals nature’s secret to healthier and longer life through intermittent fasting.

This book unleashes a short and practical scientific strategy to burn stubborn fat, lose weight, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and much more through intermittent fasting.

Thus, if you are interested in a safe and healthy way to do fasting successfully, then, this book comes in handy for your understanding on:

•Why intermittent fasting works

•Scientific health benefit of intermittent fasting

•Importance of nutrition and exercise on fasting

•The types of fasting that best fit individual age, gender, and health peculiarity

•Tricks to make intermittent fasting work faster

•Ways to curb craving while you fast

•The reasons you might not lose fat despite intermittent fasting

•The medical side effect of intermittent fasting and how to avoid it.

So, search no further GET A COPY and save thousands of dollars in medical bills.

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