I Lost 26 Pds In 38 Days HCG Diet Experience and Thoughts

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I lost 26 pounds in 38 days. The hcg diet, phase one is for 43 days. My weight loss goal is to get to 140- 145 pounds. I am 5’2 and my doctor suggest 130 should be my idea goal, but I know I am more muscular due to playing sports so I hold a lot of my weight differently than maybe someone else. My goal is to get back into the gym, be more consistent, and change the way that I eat because I truly believe that any of us can get to our goals by follow that principle alone. Being an entrepreneur, especially with a lot of my businesses being online does allow more time being still, so I want to get back to being more active.

I am wearing my afro straight hair from the GlamMore Collection. 3 bundles in 22.24,24 inches… I think, however for true lengths click the link below:

This unit was made with a 5×5 lace closure. I bleached the knots and customized the hair line.

Want to know how I make and style my wigs? I don’t use elastic bands on any of my units. Thank you for watching, I hope you guys liked the video. Be sure to subscribe, comment, share and rate!

How I cut the lace. You will notice that I don’t cut a straight line instead there are jagged edges on the lace! It prevents that straight line look when you put your wig on!

How to Properly Take Your Head Measurements:

How To Properly Customize Your Hair Line:

How To Properly Bleach Your Knots:

My Raw Indian Hair:

My Raw Cambodian Hair:

How To Make A Lace Frontal Wig:

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