How to burn fat with low carb ketogenic diet

In this video we how we can use low carb (ketogenic) diet to loose our body fat has been explained.

By following these diet we can loose our body fat without starving. All we need to do is just to eat the right food.

I have followed ketogenic diet. ketgenic diet is low carbohydrate diet. When we eat something with high carbs, our body produce glucose and insulin.

Since glucose is being used as a primary energy, so our fats are not needed and are therefore stored. By lowering the intake intake of carbs, the body induce into a state known as ketosis

In ketosis state we produce ketones which are produced from breakdown of fats in our body. These ketones burns and provide us energy in absence of carbs

However while keeping our carbs instake low at the same time wee need to keep our protein intake high. Otherwise we might loose our muscle mass which we don’t want. We only want our fats to go away not the muscles.

Now i am going to give some idea about food which are high in carbs.
1. Bread (anything made out of wheat)
4.Potato (anything made out of potato)

Now I am going to tell about some food which we eat more to keep our protein intake high.

1. Egg white
3.beef(or any meat)
5.Cottage Cheese
7.Almond (I often eat almond like light snacks)

Additional tips:

* Drink lemon with warm water daily
* Drink black coffee without anything like sugar, milk or coffee mate. Only coffee with warm water. It works like a fat burner.
* Do some cardio exercise regularly.
* Before doing cardio exercise drink coffee with warm water. It will help your to burn more fat when you exercise.

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