hCG Diet: Should You Do a 3 Day Load?

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Ah so you are debating the 2 day vs. 3 day load question huh?

I think there are just 2 questions to ask yourself when it comes to this:

Are you considering a 3 day load because you feel you truly need it, or because you want an excuse to buy another cake?
How do you feel the morning after your 2nd load day?
#1 Do You Need It or Do You Just Want More Cake?

This is a valid question! I only loaded for 3 days on one round, and it was the round that totally flopped and you know what? It was my sugary load that set off my sugar bingeing again.

In reality, when I was debating on a 3rd loading day, my TRUE reason for doing so had nothing to do with thinking my body needed it to have better fat loss for the coming round. The real reason was that I wanted one more free, “legal” day to gorge on sugary foods in a way that wouldn’t be considered normal if I were not loading.

This is a protocol, not a true “diet.” The mind change that you will be going through needs to start NOW, with even these first types of decisions on the hCG protocol. Doing this will help hCG not become a crutch that you return to where you want to do another round just so you can load without feeling guilty etc. (oh yes indeedy, I have thought this to myself before, so I know some of you have as well). Continue reading here:


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