Fast Keto: Keto on, Weight gone: The Complete Meal Prep Guide of Ketogenic Diet for Beginners in 2018 for Weight Loss and Save Time with Easy Low Carb Recipes

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Are you struggling with overweight and obesity issues? Have you tried everything from fad diet to supplements and have got no results of fat loss? Have you started to believe that you just can’t lose weight and this is how you will be for the rest of your life? If yes, then you have purchased a book that is going to change your life and perception.

This book introduces you to the concept of ketosis, how it works, and how to turn yourself into a fat burner. It explains how you can set your macronutrient targets and the ways to monitor your carb intake. It gives detailed information about the benefits of a keto diet and how to be in ketosis.

With the help of this book, you can formulate a diet chart for yourself and prepare yourself to fight keto flu, a common symptom of ketosis that lasts for a few days. Some effective exercises techniques and do’s and don’ts of ketosis are explicitly detailed in the book. Please go through the FAQ section to clear doubts, if any.

A major part of the book is dedicated to helping you prepare for the keto diet. This book will guide you about the keto staples and pantry and how to manage things in a keto kitchen. From preserving veggies to preparing condiments, you will find everything in this book.

The latter part of the book is nothing short of a treat. I have provided plenty of delicious and mouth-watering keto-friendly recipes that you can try. So, dear readers let us eat fat to deplete fat!

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