Emergency Food Storage Podcast, Guest Chris Atkin of BuyEmergencyFoods, August 9th 2012

Tune in to tonight’s Podcast LIVE at 8 PM EST!

This week on the Equip 2 Endure Podcast we begin our Disaster Preparedness series. Crop shortage and food inflation is making the news all around the US and planning food storage is becoming increasingly important. We will be speaking with Chris Atkin from www.BuyEmergencyFoods.com/e2e about how to prepare you and your family for food disasters by budgeting, planning and implementing a food storage system. Chris is manager of Buy Emergency Foods and is a true Prepper himself. He and his family live on 7 acres in Utah, have a 4000 sq ft. garden, and keeps bees, chickens, ducks and cows. We will also be doing a live give away from Buy Emergency Food, so tune in for your chance to win. Use the promo code ‘E2E’ for an additional 5% off your next order at www.BuyEmergencyFoods.com/e2e.

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