Dr. Klaper debunks the Paleo Diet

Vegan with Jenn interviews Dr. Michael Klaper on the Paleo Diet!

Don’t want to watch the whole video? Skip to what you’re interested:

2:23 Did cavemen actually eat the Paleo Diet and eat meat this often?

3:33 Should we eat meat as often as cavemen ACTUALLY ate? Or not at all? Is the Paleo Diet what the human body is originally designed for?

10:36 Even if cavemen ate juuust a little bit of meat, doesn’t that mean we have evolved to be omnivores?

16:54 Is this paleo diet sustainable for the planet?

23:10 Is the paleo diet even healthy? What are the negative effects of the paleo diet with respect to cancer, and other diseases? And (25:06) Does the paleo diet have any effects on gut bacteria?

27:39 Eating less carbohydrates puts our body goes into ketosis, is this a good thing? Why do some people lose weight on a paleo diet and is losing weight this way healthy? And (28:19) Do carbohydrates make you fat?

31:54 Could this diet be good for people who are trying to combat high blood sugar?

36:30 Dr. Klaper’s advice to Paleo Diet followers or those considering it!


Mentions in the interview:

Milton Mills, MD: Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat?

Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander

Forks over Knives: a documentary available on Netflix/Youtube/GooglePlay/Itunes

What the Health: a documentary available on Netflix, on their website, amazon video


Dr. Klaper’s Website:

Dr. Klaper’s article on his problems with the Paleo Diet:

Dr. Klaper’s Webinar on how to do plant-based diet RIGHT!


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