Dr. Darm Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Darm Weight Loss
At Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Darm’s office, our philosophy is to provide comprehensive treatment for weight loss, focusing on permanent lifestyle changes for the boy and mind.

There are five major components of our program which create more success and differentiate it from other weight loss programs:

1. Meal Replacements
2. Behavior Modification Training
3. Medical Supervision: Physician, Registered Dietitian, and Medical Assistants
4. Exercise
5. Maintenance Program

Meal Replacements:
Benefits of meal replacements

* Decision free — client doesn’t have to make a lot of choices, plan meals, shop for food, etc.

* Gives client a break from current eating behaviors and relationship with food while learning new skills.

* On an average, more than 3 times as much weight is lost and maintained using meal replacements compared with traditional diets.

* Average weight loss on a “meal replacement only” program is 3lbs. per week. Such a weight loss can rapidly improve obesity related medical conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol and triglycerides.

* Meal replacements improve dietary compliance, decrease hunger, and allow optimal nutrition intake at a lower calorie value.

Behavior Modification Training:

* Weekly classes are designed to teach skills necessary to become an effective self-manager, instead of relying on willpower.

* Classes include such topics as: planning, environmental control, emotional eating, self-talk, building support, body image, portion control, physical activity, as well as healthy eating.

Medical Supervision:

* Our staff are professionals trained in the weight loss field: Dr. Jerry Darm MD — Medical Director, Nancie Fisher RD — Registered Dietitian, Marge Norman RD — Registered Dietitian, and Molly Webb MA — Medical Assistant.

* What is monitored? Medications, appetite suppression, body composition analysis, lab draws, blood pressure and EKG. We also coordinate your progress with you primary care physician.


* Exercise is one of the major predictors of successful weight loss and, even more importantly, weight maintenance.

* Our goal is to train clients to incorporate physical activity into any lifestyle, understand its importance, and learn to enjoy it!


* Clients entering maintenance for one year and classes available to them for continued healthy behaviors for a lifetime.

Dr. Darm Weight Loss Program Overview

Low Calorie Diet (LCD)

* 5 or more nutritionally balanced meal replacements a day

* Weekly medical supervision during the first month and once a month thereafter

* Weekly class or dietitian/nutritionist visit (Additional cost for individual appointments)

* Weekly medical check-in

* Monthly lab work

* Monthly body composition analysis

Healthy Solutions (HS)

* 2 or more nutritionally balanced meal replacements, 2 entrees, 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

* Weekly medical supervision during the first month and once a month thereafter

* Weekly class or dietitian/nutritionist visit (Additional coast for individuals appointments)

* Weekly medical check-in

* Quarterly lab work

* Monthly body composition analysis

During the first three weeks you will meet individually with the physician and a registered dietitian to establish you in the program. The fourth week you will be enrolled in the educational classes. During your weekly visits you will receive information from our registered dietitian to guide you toward permanent lifestyle changes, as well as physician supervision and monitoring of appetite control.


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