BioTrust IC-5 Keto Supplement | Get into Ketosis Faster and More Deeper Levels of Ketosis | Metabolic Support | Perfect for Keto, Low Carb, and Paleo Diets | 120 Capsules

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If you’re on the Keto bandwagon, then you already know that the beauty and benefits of keto hinge on “flipping the metabolic switch,” going from an inefficient carb-burner (and fat-storer) to an efficient, fat- and ketone-burning machine. That’s exactly what makes IC-5 a perfect keto diet supplement to supercharge your ketogenic lifestyle and boost your keto diet results.

While most keto diet supplements focus on providing exogenous ketones, the five evidence-based ingredients in IC-5 work hand-in-hand with the ketogenic diet to help you get into ketosis FASTER and more DEEPLY. And when it comes to reaping the benefits of keto – like weight and appetite management, better energy levels, less brain fog, better mental performance., anti-aging, and more – that’s the name of the game.

IC-5 promotes improved glycemic control and metabolic flexibility, which are crucial to getting the most out of keto. IC-5 also promotes deeper levels of ketosis, helping you stay in ketosis and tap into the many benefits of keto. IC-5 helps you process carbs when you do eat them – such as with CKD, TKD, and cheat meals – helping you get back into ketosis faster. IC-5 enhances metabolic flexibility, helping you quickly and efficiently utilize carbs (when you eat them) and shift back into ketosis faster. And the ingredients in IC-5 also offer antioxidant and anti-aging benefits while helping boost mitochondrial function – helping you get even more out of your ketogenic lifestyle.

Simply put, IC-5 is a must-have keto supplement to make sure you get the most out of your keto lifestyle and all the benefits that keto can potentially offer. This is hands down one of the best, most effective keto diet supplements money can buy.

SUPERCHARGE YOUR KETO LIFESTYLE. Just getting started with Keto? Having trouble getting into ketosis? Looking for a Keto supplement to help? When starting a Keto diet, IC-5 can help you get into ketosis faster.
ENHANCE KETO DIET BENEFITS. When you’re Keto, IC-5 can help you get into deeper levels of ketosis – key to achieving cognitive clarity and appetite management.
GET BACK INTO KETOSIS FASTER. Whether you had a cheat day/meal or are following a Targeted or Cyclical Keto Diet, IC-5 can help you get back into ketosis faster.
GET THE MOST OUT OF KETO. IC-5 enhances metabolic flexibility and glycemic control, promotes appetite and craving management, and supports mitochondrial function and healthy aging – helping you tap into all that Keto can offer.
MANUFACTURERED IN GMP-CERTIFIED FACILITY and 3rd party tested to ensure purity and potency.

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