Atkins Diet Quick Hits: Zero Carb

In the this video of the “Atkins Diet Quick Hits” series, I comment on a question I got from a well-meaning low carber. His question was on the amount of what he was eating. I took his question and ran with it though to a different topic. Starvation mode dieting is never good, and similar is zero carb dieting. I am pretty convinced that for most people going zero carb is an unnecessary step. Sure there are some very metabolically resistant and / or people suffering with hyperinsulinemia.

For the most part, most people should be getting their veggies in and not fearing adding back a reasonable amount of carbs. Trying to discover what the magic number per day can certainly be trying, but your health will appreciate it. Thinking zero carbs is the answer also misses number of things:
* phytonutrients without getting more chemicals
* fiber-rich vegetables
* carbs present in other non-veggie sources, like nuts, eggs, or cheese

Unless you are really hyper sensitive to carbs, enjoy the variety of nature and food selection.


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