5:2, Paleo, and the next Fad Diet | Thursday Therapy | #3

In this Thursday Therapy episode, Glenn Mackintosh shows you how to tell if your diet will work and how you can turn a potentially harmful diet into a healthy way of living!

*The Missing Piece – 7 Mindset Hacks for Eating, Movement, Weight, and Body-image*
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– Viewer question on the 5:2 Diet and the research and evidence into this diet. [01:03]
– The factors that make diets unsuccessful. [01:28]
– Changing your diet into a non-diet approach. [02:49]
– Diet marketing. [03:58]
– The research into people who are successful long-term following a diet. [03:43]
– Research vs Theory and diets. [04:50]
– How to question the research of someone proposing a diet. [05:18]
– Glenn’s approach into weight management. [07:15]

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Glenn Mackintosh psychologist is the founder of weight management psychology, and creator of Thursday Therapy and Coffee Break with Glenn.

He is a specialist in the psychology of eating, movement, weight and body image, with a Masters degree in sport and exercise psychology.

He helps people who hate exercise learn to love it.
He helps people learn intuitive eating and mindful eating.
He helps people learn to embrace body positivity and size diversity.
He helps people overcome emotional eating, comfort eating, and binge eating.
He helps people free themselves from dieting and embrace health at every size.

Glenn doesn’t do weight loss psychology. He doesn’t share his own weight loss transformation, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips, weight loss workouts, weight loss diets, or weight loss before and after shots. In fact, as focusing on weight loss can be ineffective at best (and harmful at worst) Glenn follows a nondieting approach supported by cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, hypnosis or hypnotherapy and eft or tapping.

As an advocate of eft and hypnosis, he answers, Glenn answers a lot of questions like:

How does eft work ?
How does tapping work?
What is tapping for weight loss?
What is hypnosis?
Does hypnotherapy work?
Can hypnosis help me lose weight?

He is passionate about bringing evidence based ideas in eating psychology, exercise psychology, weight psychology, and body-image psychology to you in an informational, fun, and non-stigmatizing way and as he has done in his role as the on-screen consultant psychologist on The Biggest Loser, he loves sharing his thoughts with you through this YouTube channel.


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